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Best Value Headphones

One of the Best Value earphones on the market

Amazing Value Earphones by BassBuds

Premium Specifications Without the Premium Price Tag

BassBuds™ are almost too good to be true. Let’s review the list of amazing features...

  • Premium Quality –
  • Amazing Looks –
  • Amazing Sound –
  • Amazing Features –
  • Amazing Free Accessories –
  • Amazing Value –

Get a Bigger Bang for Your Bucks with BassBuds

BassBuds™ come loaded with specs but they don’t have the premium price tag - coming between 17% – 64% cheaper than its closest competitors. That means that you could pay more than twice the price of BassBuds™ for in ear headphones of lower quality.

There are hundreds of in ear headphone reviews but none of them compare to BassBuds™. We’ve packed More Colours, More Features and the Highest Quality into BassBuds™ in ear earphones.

Buy earphones from the people who really care about your ear phone experience - Buy BassBuds™.