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Who says you can’t have Style AND Substance?

Superb Noise Cancellation ear phones with Phenomenal Sound Quality

The stylish looks of these premium ear phones are just the beginning... Those unique gorgeous looks greatly compliment some of the most advanced sound technology available for ear phones.

Advanced Crystaltronics Quality

Advanced Crystaltronics Sound Technology means that you get Crystal Clear HD Audio Quality, with Ultra Distortion-Free Bass and Crisp Treble. These are by far the best headphones for bass lovers on the market. They’re not called BASSbuds™ by accident.

There’s a lot of science behind the amazing sound quality of Bassbuds™ ear phones as the wide frequency response range give greater sound clarity while the micro filter gives better sound purity too.

Crystaltronics sound technology

Quality earphones with minimal distortion

The headphone driver is a 9mm dynamic speaker with a neodymium magnet for Optimal Sound Quality. Whilst conventional earphone speakers are built using heavy iron-ferrite magnets, BassBuds™ in ear headphones boast Lighter neodymium magnets, which are More Powerful and have Less Distortion in sound. Not only do BassBuds sound great, but they feel great, no need to carry big clumpy headphones!

Bassbuds™ ear phones sound quality is amazing, and that sound cannot be underestimated. Fantastic headphones for bass appreciation, they truly are Small in Size but Big on Sound!

Noise Isolation Earphones…

The Noise isolation keeps what you don’t want to hear out, while making sure that what you’re listening to is only heard by you as the sound waves are tuned and directed into your ear.

This means you can really immerse yourself in your music and get 100% into the zone making them amazing sports earphones. Alternatively, you can have a great conversation on your phone wherever you are, without eavesdroppers hearing all the latest gossip! They make excellent hands free earphones for your phones and are great for listening to your music whether you’re on the run or having a run with these fantastic sports earphones!