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Custom Headphones

From Sleek Classics to Vibrant Mixes, there's a coloured earphone to suit you for any occasion

awesome colour range

Fashion Collection or Classic Collection?

BassBuds™ define the meaning of Coloured Earphones as we currently have one of the largest colour ranges in the world. We love our coloured earphones so much that we have created the best fusion of earphones-earbuds tints and shades.

BassBuds™ contain 10 beautifully Coloured Earphones in our Classics Collection and 10 vibrantly Colourful Earphones in our Mix and Match combinations of our Fashion Collection. They are amazing fashion earphones with their top profile looks but come with serious high tech specifications that allow you to make the statement that best suits you. The colour choices mean that you can really choose the colour to suit your style.

Colourful earphones: Classics

Our selection of colourful earphones is exemplified with our fantastic Classics range, which are available in 10 different varieties. The Classic In Ear Earphones have a sleek design with clear silicon, black silicon and black memory foam ear buds. For something a little more quirky, take a look at our fashion collection earphones.

stylish looks

Colourful earphones: Fashion

The Fashion Collection presents a huge variety and mix of colours to create perfectly harmonised earphones designs. If you want to stand out from the crowd then these colourful earphones are for you.

Your Colour, Your Style

From green to orange, red to blue – we’ve got a colour to suit you! Some of our favourite fan combinations are:

  • "Obsession" perfect for the stylish sports earphones
  • "White" Classics for the Apple enthusiasts
  • "Candy" Earphones with Mic for the chatty ladies
  • "Smooth" Noise Cancelling Earphones for the on-the-go business folk

So take a peek at our collections now to select your colour, your style.