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Memory Foam Earbuds

Immerse yourself fully for an unforgettable music experience

Perfect Noise Cancellation Headphones

Get in the zone with BassBuds™ noise isolating earphones

BassBuds™ noise isolating in-ear headphones would not be complete without their earbuds. Each pair of earphones come with 9 sets of eartips in different sizes, both memory foam and silicone. With 2 materials in 3 different sizes, the eartips will provide the perfect fit earphones for small and larger ears, making them great for young and old men and women.

Your choice of Silicon or Memory Foam Earbuds for the perfect fit

A fundamental part to the structure of the BassBuds, the eartips establish the connection between your ear and the specially designed in-ear headphones’ sound chamber.  They ensure you get the very best quality from the Advanced Crystaltronics Sound Technology, ultimately enhancing your listening experience.

Small Medium or Large Memory Foam Earbuds

Fine mesh for ultra-noise Isolating

The sound chambers direct the sound into your ears without any leaks; so don’t worry - you will not be sharing your embarrassing guilty pleasures with everyone around you! Ideal for your daily activities: driving using the handsfree capability, watching a film on your tablet, or training in the gym; they allow you to escape the hussle and bussle and drift away in comfort into your own world, whether you're on the go or relaxing.